Song A Week - Spring 2017

by Ben Below

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released May 28, 2017



Track Name: The Most Relatable Shape
Life's like a circle
It goes around and it repeats
Cause when we get off the ride at the other side
There's others queuing up to take our seat

Lives are like a circle
They can bend and they can break
But the interlocking chains of the friends we've made
Strengthen us and keep us safe

-- chorus - -

We're going round round round the circle of life
What goes round comes around, good times balance the strife
So take a chance, while you can, to enjoy being alive
Cause you know you might not have much time


Loss is like a circle
Creates a hole that can't be filled
To fill the whole in your heart would be to change who you are
But your identity can hurt like hell

Nothing's like a circle
Nothings perfect, and everything ends
The lies we create to keep our minds in shape
Are just facades that let us play pretend

-- Breakdown - -

Nothing's perfect, and everything ends
Take my hand and let's go play pretend
Because metaphors that help us through the chaos might be lies
But what good's the painful truth if it'll worsen our lives
Track Name: Losing My Humanity
Can't get to sleep
And when I do I dream
Of monsters
I'm not running from them, I'm running with them

And I can't relate
To anything or anyone any more
I feel empty

Feels like
Losing my humanity

Staying by myself
Isn't meant to help
To feel better
But feeling better means feeling something at all

I'm Losing my humanity
Track Name: Burn, Fire, Burn
There once lived titans
They stood amongst men
They had their sparks ignite

They bound together
And started flames
To share their gift of light


This fire, Life's fire
Awoke in all of us
It's in your heart and soul,
And keeps you fighting the fight you fight for what you're owed

The people loved them
Revered and adored them
For what they'd brought to light

They flooded in thousands
To see them speak
But left their gods behind


Then came the lighters
Portable fires
A hearth in every home

The titans were still thought of highly
And burned just as brightly
But now that their fires are everywhere
They were no longer alone


Now the titans fall faster and faster
People mourn at their heroes rejoining the ash
And while fires still burn, and while people still yearn
The days of the titans have passed
Track Name: Millionaire's Lament
When you have it all
You never want for anything
When you have it all
Your material needs fulfilled

-chorus :

I'd give it all away and be forgotten
But I'm scared I'll find a way to make things worse
Can't leave the life to which I'm now accustomed
The blessing which has now become my curse

When you have it all
Your lovers love your wallet
When you have it all
Are your friends really your friends?


And though it all
This time before we perish
I take my time to sit and to reflect

And through it all, the times I really cherish (most of all)
Are from the time before I had it all

I roam my empty hallways and i think of you
And all we could have been and could have had
If only my investments had been time with you
If only I had been a better man
Track Name: Set Loose
Alone in this labyrinth of sandstone to which I'm bound. The crows feast on my memories, then spread their wings and fly away. Can't you hear me? Won't you break me free? (Fine, I'll do it myself)

The rain comes to wash away those genocidal thoughts, the ones you can't abide. The pain runs blissfully into the river, running, always running out of time.

Destruction can be seen from every valley, smoke rings rise above a crimson tide. Feel the marching feet moving to the beat that's pulsing deep inside.
Track Name: Bad Decisions
Ice cream on a snowy day.
Every dinner's takeaway.
Stay awake until the dawn
Watching badly scripted porn.

Spending every paycheck dry
on all the gadgets that you buy.
Use it once because you must
Put away to gather dust


If you want it you can grab it, I won't tell you what to do
Don't need my permission cause you know I'm not the boss of you
Just don't come crawling back to me when everything has gone askew
Noone's gonna stop you doing everything you wanna do

Maxing out your credit card
Party lots and party hard
Trying drugs because they're cool
And cause your friends all do them to

Steal from all the local shops
It's only bad if you get caught
It's fine to skip a day of work
Because your manager's a jerk

Track Name: Last Day At Sea
After months of sailing, I long for the land I call home
For some the sea's soothing, but my worries amplify while I roam
Hark! In the distance, a voice coming out of the foam
It sings so sweetly I swear I'm no longer alone


Down with me, you'll believe in all the worlds of fantasy
You can forget about your troubles here under the waves
Don't you need a release? Beneath the tides we'll set you free
Down amongst the bubbles we've the paradise you crave

Stood at the railings I can't quite believe what I hear
The most beautiful music ever to be sung to my ear
A small voice inside me whispers that I shouldn't go near
A fight starts within me, curiosity and longing and fear


I carry all the troubles of an older man, I'm weary after months of travel at sea.
A little rest would be deserved.
And it's waiting for me
Track Name: Fly Home, Jailbird
Back of a van, my hands in cuffs
I've been away for a while
The stretch ahead on the road is rough
But I'm still wearing a smile

Pre chorus

Crime , crime, doing the time
I don't need to give them a reason why
We've all got vices baby and this one's mine

Time, time living inside
I'll give you three guesses to what's on my mind
... Will they keep me in this time?


Locked up, yes I'm incarcerated
(I'd do it all again, I'd do it all again)
The world's most vilified and hated
(I'd do it all again, I'd do it all again)
Line 1 / Lucky me
(I'd do it all again, I'd do it all again)
Line 2 / I'll break free
(I'd do it all again, I'd do it all again)

Verse 2

Now I'll admit, it's not my first
And this won't be my last
By all accounts, its not the worst
I'll be away in a flash
Track Name: Adventure's End
So, this is the end
Goodbye my friends
Goodbye my friends

After all this time we spent
The places we went
The places we went


All this time
On this road
We've reached our destination
A tinge of sadness
A lump in my throat
As we halt our exploration

While I wish I could decline
It's the end of the line
The end of the line

Farewell, adieu, and goodbye
Until next time
Until next time


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