Song A Week - Autumn 2016

by Ben Below

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This album contains my submissions 14 through 26 for the song a week challenge - each song was written and recorded within a week (often less!), and all adhere to a theme chosen weekly by the moderators here:

If you want to follow my submissions weekly rather than quarterly, I upload them all to my soundcloud here:


released November 30, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: Inner Struggle
You're a monster, an imposter
I should find a way to break the curse afflicting me.

Your lifestyle is so boring

You end friendships, you rage senseless
What do you expect? When I live but once a month


I want rid of you
I can't live with you
I've come to dread the sight of the next full moon
(I can't blame you)

I want rid of you
I can't live with you
I want control but I think you want it too
(But I must claim you)

I feel bloodlust, this is unjust
I never asked for this, you devil leave my body alone!
(Your time's over)

Keep it suppressed, not much time left
I've not the strength in me to always keep the monster at bay
(I'll take over)

Track Name: Altitude Sickness
It's a long way down from here
Track Name: The Longest Adieu
Traverse the waterways
Hear the crashing waves
In, out, in, out
Erode the foundations with infinite patience

Fish swarm flooded rooms
It'll all be under soon
Inch by inch as
The water gains height and the city takes flight

The city of masks
Sinking, slowly sinking, into the blue
We bid you adieu

Tours by gondola
To see the sights that were
Towers, steeples
Are all you can see from the height of the sea in

The city of glass
Sinking, slowly sinking, into the blue
We bid you adieu

The city of bridges
Sinking, slowly sinking, into the blue
We bid you adieu
Track Name: Black Magic
If you're searching for an easy end to all your daily strife
Or looking to spice up your frankly uneventful life
Hit a problem? Lost a loved one? Or just want a little fun?
Well then come to us, my darlings, and we'll help you every one.

After twilight by candlelight making your way to the crossroads nearest your home
A servant will guide you, provide you directions, ensure that you read them alone
Ignoring legality and possibility we'll work towards meeting your goal
And the price is merely your immortal soul!



Black Magic!
We'll help you raise the dead
Black Magic!
Perhaps a curse instead
We can help you to achieve your dreams

With Black Magic!
And demonology
Black Magic!
A ritual or three
To pave the way to immortality

If you crave ultimate power, or to be the subject of desire
Right here we've got everything you need
It won't cost you too much, it's just your soul that we require
And who needs souls when you can have all this?
With the power of

Track Name: Everlasting
In the center of a field stands an oak tree tall and strong
Where children laugh, and children play beneath it all day long
They swing from its great branches and they climb its matted bough
And lie under its canopy identifying clouds

In the center of a filed stands an oak tree wide and high
A teenage couple flees their parents ever watching eye
Beneath its leaves together there they share their love's first kiss
And linger only long enough they won't be sorely missed

In the center of a field stands an oak tree towering
An aging woman smiles at the memories it brings
As child, and her children both, had played upon this floor
And soon she hoped the playing would begin again once more

In the center of a field stands an oak tree, everlasting
Track Name: Tonight
We're gonna rock the party tonight
You're gonna move your body tonight
We're gonna come together, we're gonna make it right

We're gonna raise the roof tonight
We're gonna dare or truth tonight
We're gonna play together, we're gonna go all night

Last night
I can't remember last night
What was a fire's now an ember last night
And though my head is spinning, I think I had a good time

Last night
I made new friends last night
At least I think I did, that might not be right
Thinking about it
I don't recognise the room I'm in
I'm on a sofa wearing all of my clothes
But if a friend's suggesting another drink I'll think about it
Track Name: Land Of The Giants
Six AM, and the glowing crest of sunrise wakes the cyclists to their porridge, cooked upon the embers of a dying fire. Footprints indicate the elephants that walked nearby, hulking frames that show surprising grace when navigating guy ropes in their constant quest for food.

Soon they depart, tires crunching over dirt and dried up river beds, navigation aided by the birds nests all on the same side of the trees to shelter from prevailing wind.

Impala are the most prominent inhabitant, jumping away only when the bikes draw near, leaving their scent for others to follow. Past zebra, and past giraffe in the ever growing heat, until bathing elephants attracted to a broken water pipe enforce a change of route.

Come evening, they see more stars than they'd ever seen before, with even the planets making a sparkling appearance. Then bed, under the tree where the scorpions glow, and baboons watch eagerly for discarded scraps.

Early start tomorrow.
Track Name: Aquizite I: Qesan

In the city, 'mongst the Izther you will find me
Qesan is my home

In the city, the pinnacle of humankind meet
Where Aquizours are grown

Upon Qesan's very ground
The first Aquizite was found
The glowing crystal emanating Izther all around
The first coil gave way
To everything you see today
Mechanical contraptions world renowned


Build, Complete, Sell, Repeat (xMany)

Track Name: Aquizite II: The Bical University
In the East Wing you'll find Aquizours, on all floors. Crammed in researching the Izther, or learning to twist it in a new way to their will. They're creating, inventing, depending on the Aquizite in...


The Bical University
A campus split in twain
Izther researchers separated
Logistical necessity
Driven by proximity
To the Aquizite that resides deep inside its domain.

In the West Wing you'll find everything not so restricted, and resarch that's not Izther-bound. Where the students have less need for workshops, instead you'll find classrooms and libraries, the best stocked around.

Track Name: Can't Help Myself
You win this round
How did it come to this
Your dagger's in my back

This time around
I start to reminisce
And I keep coming back


All I wanted
Was to be left alone
But now I'm haunted
I'm kneeling at your throne

I gave you up
But you're clinging on to me
Your tendrils in my flesh

It won't let up
Can't help but feel the need
To feel your sweet caress


Again and again, again and again xMany
Track Name: Circuit Decay
I remember you
At least, I think I do
Well, Some of you

My circuits are failing me
My data corrupting

I think I loved you
Or you loved me

My circuits are failing me
My data corrupting

Are you still there
Track Name: Some Other Sucker
You might think you've got me over your knee but
You didn't count on this
My reckless stubbornness

You might think that you can buy folks like me but
You keep your filthy money
I don't want it

If you step outside
You can hear us
Rejecting your way of life


I won't do it, no I won't do it
No price is high enough
I won't sink low enough
I won't submit , no I won't submit
Go find some other sucker

I stepped outside
Had the wool pulled from my eyes
No I'm no longer blind


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